Family Tree Consultancy

Have you ever wondered about your ancestry and your family history but been put off by the enormous time, effort and expertise needed to draw up your family tree?

As a genealogy consultancy, can do the investigation for you to trace and identify your ancestors. An MA with a history degree from Oxford University, consultant Peter Jackson is an award winning journalist who has traced his own ancestry back to 1500. He also provides family history and genealogy training. can research your UK ancestry, usually back at least to the 1800s and will provide:

The research can cover one or more lines of ancestry such as father’s, mother’s, paternal grandmother’s line and so on and can begin from any starting point in your family tree, such as yourself or parent or grandparent. You will be advised at the outset of the practicality of your chosen line of research and will be kept informed should any difficulties arise.

The research begins with a thorough discussion about your family, your relations, ancestry and any documentation you might possess.

Research into your family history will then take in records including:

  • Census returns
  • County records
  • Bmd registers in local and national archives
  • Parish registers, other church records including monumental inscriptions
  • Military records
  • Trade and professional registers
  • Manorial records
  • Court records
  • Poor Law records
  • Wills
  • Local histories

Or you might want to use the bespoke consultancy service for a family search involving a particular line of inquiry regarding your ancestors. Perhaps you want to investigate a particular individual in your family history or need help if you are having difficulties in your own genealogy research, or maybe you live overseas and need help tracing your uk ancestry. It may be that you want your own family search work to be checked by an expert.

In all such cases we can define the work to be done and agree a one-off fee structure.

If you want to give someone a special present, why not buy them a gift voucher allowing them to have their family history traced and be presented with a family tree? Here is a gift which will not only last a lifetime but will be valued by all the family over many years to come.

Whatever your requirements or if you have any queries, do contact me.

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