Genealogy Consultancy and Genealogy Course Vouchers

Why not give someone a gift that will not only last their lifetime but which can be passed on to their children and grandchildren? offers gift vouchers for both its family history consultation service and its genealogy course.

Genealogy Consultancy

Buy a voucher valid for 12 months

Give it to someone as a birthday, Christmas present or to mark some other special occasion and they can then contact quoting the voucher reference number and other purchase details to have their ancestry researched and family tree history compiled.

Genealogy Course

Buy a voucher valid for 12 months

Offer this as a gift and you will be giving someone not only the key to unlocking their family history but you will also be presenting them with a rewarding new hobby. If the recipient is a relative you will also, of course, be setting them on the path of uncovering your own family history and UK ancestry.

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