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Voices of our ancestors can be garbled

Ancient names are dyng out, cherish them while you can
Over the next four years there will be a surge of interest in the First World War and many people will inevitably be driven to investigate the roles played by their ancestors. For those researching family history who had ancestors serving in the UK forces and invaluable source is the service records or serving personnel.

be very suspicious if you come across any record dated between September 3 and September 13 1752. Why? Because nothing at all happened on those dates in British history. For Britain and her empire, which then included the American 13 colonies, those dates simply do not exist. They were abolished by the British Calendar Act of 1751. They won't figure in your family tree.

which got me pondering the subject. You don’t have to go far in genealogy to realise that many people didn’t survive to see many birthdays, if any. It is only in very recent history that human society, at least in the developed world, has not been characterised by shockingly high infant mortality.

If you're working on your family tree.

The National Archives are to publish online the diaries of British soldiers serving on the frontline during World War One.

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