Family Tree History Course

Being presented with your family tree and a report on your ancestry, outlining your family history is a highly satisfying and often moving experience.

But, there’s nothing to beat the satisfaction of having done it yourself, nor, in achieving it, in the thrill of the hunt and the delight in each breakthrough as you uncover, layer by layer, your family history and the details of your genealogy.

You become a historian and a detective, following the evidence. But you also embark on a voyage of self-discovery which will bring you new skill and in which you will find new strengths. This could be the most rewarding hobby you have ever had.

But how do you go about becoming an expert on family tree history and learn to navigate the maze of records containing details of uk ancestry? consultant Peter Jackson, an Oxford University history graduate and investigative journalist of many years experience, can teach you.

Among other skills, his 9 module
course will teach you how to:

Written in plain English, the course guides you in easy to understand bite-sized chunks through the complexities of researching genealogy and ancestry. It provides all the leads and addresses and shows you how to use them, how to organise your research, what to do if you seem to hit a brick wall, how to uncover an ancestor’s war record, details of occupation.

Also, and most important, if you get stuck,’s Peter Jackson will be available for help and advice via a helpline. Genealogy is his passion and he will be only too ready to give advice and assistance to help you in researching your ancestry and drawing up your own family tree.

Perhaps a friend or a relative has expressed an interest in researching their own family tree history but has been unsure how to get started. Why not buy them a gift voucher for their birthday or Christmas which they can redeem for this genealogy course?

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